Snowflakes Christmas Wall Stickers


This lovely pack of Christmas snowflake stickers is perfect for the living area or any room in the house during Christmas, they can be applied to walls, windows, mirrors or any other smooth surface.

These snowflake stickers can be made in a rainbow glitter vinyl if preferred.

The pack contains 6 snowflakes, the big snowflake measures 30cm by 26cm, the two medium snowflakes measure 22cm by 19cm and the three smaller snowflakes measure 10cm by 11cm.

Our Christmas wall stickers are a fantastic addition to your home decor during the festive period,.

Our wall stickers are precision cut from high quality matt finished ultra-thin vinyl, they look stunning and appear as though they are painted onto the surface. They come in large variety of colours.

These wall stickers will stick to any smooth surface and won't leave any sticky residue when removed. They come ready to apply straight away and application instructions are provided - we also give full after sales support if you need it. We don't recommend these for use on heavily textured walls or wallpaper as they may not work as advertised.