Personalised Wall Sticker Custom Text


This personalised wall sticker is custom made to your needs, you can choose from our 10 pre-selected fonts (see images below) or request a completely different font if you prefer. This custom wall sticker is available in a range of colours and sizes and we don't restrict how many words, letters or lines you can use as long as we can fit them into the size you choose.

The 'number of lines' selection allows you to specify how many lines of text you would like if you have very specific needs. The 'best fit' option will allow our designers to create a design that will match the size you've ordered as closely as possible.

We can send you a design preview so you can see how it looks and make any changes you need once you have placed your order. Please let us know in the "Design Instructions" text box if you would like a preview.

The sizes below are a rough guide to the overall area that the sticker will cover, think of it as the canvas that your words will be sized to fit within.

We will always create the design to the maximum length stated in the size you select below, but the height may be shorter depending on how many lines of text you have. Similarly however, if you have too many lines of text we can only design up to the maximum height stated and so the length will be shorter. If you have any questions please ask and we will assist in any way we can.

Available Sizes:

If you want to mix and match colours into one design please contact us with your requirements.

Our wall stickers are precision cut from premium cast matte vinyl, they transfer onto your wall without any background or clear border. The background colour of our decals is simply the surface that you apply it too. They look just as if they had been painted directly onto the wall.

These wall stickers are sent in reinforced cardboard tubes, full instructions are provided and full after-sales support is provided as standard.

Our wall art stickers will last for years and when the time comes that you want to remove it from the wall they won't leave any sticky residue. You can read more about our decals and our service on our customer support pages.

We have various size options available but if you would like an exact size or have any special requirements you could fill in our custom design form instead and get a preview in advance of placing your order.