Product Information

Smarty Walls are an innovative and simple way to decorate your walls. Easily create stunning visual impact with our high quality vinyl wall stickers that look like they have been painted onto the wall.

Our wall stickers are made from a premium quality vinyl that has a special adhesive backing allowing it to be removed without leaving a sticky residue on your wall. They will last for years and years though so they won't come off until you want them too.

NEW: By popular demand we have now added a 'colour sample' product pack, get up to five colour samples to try before purchasing an expensive design.

All of our wall decals are designed in-house and hand finished in our workshop here in Cumbria, most of the time involved in production is hand finishing, where we need to manually remove every peice of vinyl from the cut sheets that aren't part of the design - this takes a long time to do for some of the intricate designs. We use only the best materials to ensure our wall art is of the highest standard. We also use a very special application layer which makes our wall stickers extremely easy to apply compared to many cheaper alternatives.

Please note our wall stickers are genuine vinyl decals  - they have the three layers as they should... a backing layer, the vinyl sticker and an application layer. These are not the cheap kind that are just printed clear sheets that cling to your wall and scratch off over time. They don't have a background or a clear border.

All of our wall stickers come with full application instructions and we offer full after-sales support if you need it. We also include a free squeegee with all orders over £45.

Click here for instructions on how to apply your wall sticker