Cute Birdhouse Wall Clock Sticker with sweep motion


This beautiful wall clock sticker incorporates a high quality german quartz clock with sweeping hands (non-tick). This birdhouse wall clock sticker can be made in one, two or three colours allowing you to match your decor perfectly.

Design Details

This lovely birdhouse clock measures 56cm wide by 62cm tall. You can choose a different colour for the bird house itself, the flowers and sun, and the butterflies and bird.

Wall Clock Sticker Details

The german quartz clock has a non-tick movement, meaning the second hand 'sweeps' smoothly. It has metallic gold hands and is mounted onto a 9cm diameter acrylic disc.

Our wall stickers are precision cut from high quality matt finished ultra-thin vinyl, they look absolutely stunning and appear as though they are painted onto the surface.

These wall stickers will stick to any smooth surface and won't leave any sticky residue when removed. These clocks come ready to apply straight away and full application instructions are provided - we also give full after sales support if you need it. We don't recommend these for use on heavily textured walls or wallpaper as they may not work as advertised.