Birch Tree Wall Sticker Decals


These Birch Tree wall stickers are simply stunning, they tower from floor to ceiling and can be made in a huge range of colours, they also come with leaves and birds for you to apply however you like, enhancing your design with a personal touch.

You can choose between 2 trees, 4 trees or 6 trees. You can choose whichever trees you like, please see the image below for instructions.

Sizes Details:

These Birch trees are made in two sizes, a standard size which is 240cm long, these are suitable for most rooms. Or we have an extra tall size which is 300cm long. You can easily trim them to fit the full height of your wall - full instructions are included.

Each tree measures approximately 45cm wide.

If you have very high ceilings and your wall is taller than 3 meters, please contact us for a custom quote.

Decal Details:

Our wall stickers are precision cut from premium cast matte vinyl, they transfer onto your wall without any background or clear border. The background colour of our decals is simply the surface that you apply it too. They look just as if they had been painted directly onto the wall.

These wall stickers are sent in reinforced cardboard tubes, full instructions are provided and full after-sales support is provided as standard.

Our wall art stickers will last for years and when the time comes that you want to remove it from the wall they won't leave any sticky residue. You can read more about our decals and our service on our customer support pages.