NEW - Colour Samples Now Available

Due to extremely high demand we have now added a colour sample pack which can be purchased for £5. This gives you up to 5 different coloured sample peices of vinyl for you to try on your wall and see which colours you like best.

It's also a fantastic oportunity to make sure the decals will stick on your wall ok before placing a big order, especially due to the newly released paints that are wipe clean or 'durable' causing some problems with wall decals lately. Read here for more info.

This sample pack costs just £5 with free delivery, we will refund this £5 if you later proceed to place an order over £50.

New Wall Sticker Colour Samples Available Here

August 24, 2017 by Bold Commerce Collaborator

A note about new paint types

Please Note: It has come to our attention that some new paint ranges may not be compatible with wall decals, stickers, or any kind of adhesive decoration. These paints include:-

  • 'Dulux Easycare'
  • 'Dulux Endurance+'
  • any paint that has a 'Zero VOC' badge, or 'Low VOC' badge
  • and potentially any paint that describes itself as an 'Eco-Paint'.

If you have used any of these paints or you're unsure which paint has been used on the wall you wish to decorate, we strongly advise that you purchase a 'colour sample test package' first to make sure our decals will work ok before placing an order for a more expensive sticker.

August 05, 2017 by Bold Commerce Collaborator