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Add a little character to your home with our wall sticker quotes and wall art featuring some of your favourite song lyrics, family sentiments and even a few timeless movie quotes. If you can't find a particular quote or we've missed your favourite lyrics please let us know and we will custom design it just for you - at no extra cost!

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Family Tree Wall Art Sticker
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A note about 'wipe clean' paints

Please Note: It has come to our attention that some new paint ranges are not compatible with wall decals, stickers, or any kind of adhesive decoration. These paints include:-

  • 'Dulux Easycare'
  • 'Dulux Endurance+'
  • any paint that has a 'Zero VOC' badge, or 'VOC Free' badge
  • and potentially any paint that describes itself as an 'Eco-Paint'.

If you have used any of these paints or you're unsure which paint has been used on the wall you wish to decorate, we strongly advise that you purchase a 'colour sample test package' first to make sure our decals will work ok before placing an order for a more expensive sticker.